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Beibamboo® “Smart Designs” for Preemie Comfort & Security

“More than one in ten families have
a baby that was born prematurely.”
—World Health Organization (WHO)

Parent-to-Parent on Smart Designs

As a parent, providing the very best in care, happiness, comfort & security is all you can think of when your baby is born. Shifting all your priorities around, making your new number one priority, your baby! Like many parents, the thought never occurs to you that your baby could be born too early. Yet, this reality often comes as a surprise for more than one in ten families without warning.

If you are one of those families caring for a baby born prematurely, their comfort & security, and wellbeing is all you can think about when it comes to the stark reality of seeing your baby lying inside of an incubator, covered in wires and tubes. So, where do you begin to become actively engaged in your baby’s life while still in the hospital neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)? Clothing, when described as only smart designs.

Smart Designs Take Your From Helpless to Hopeful

As a parent, you never want to see your child hurt or suffer—especially your newborn. Leaving you feeling all sorts of emotions, one of which might be helplessness. While you might feel helpless, there is a glimmer of hope—Beibamboo®.

Beibamboo clothing for preemies had its humble beginnings by a mother, herself–just like you, of a prematurely born baby. Her name is Nina Ignatius, and she knows first-hand what it is like to be a parent of a child born prematurely since her daughter was born two months too early. Seeing her baby girl lying helplessly in the incubator, she wanted to help her…be more engaged in the care for her daughter while she was still in NICU; so, she set out on a journey to go from helpless to hopeful.

Nina began with an “idea of designing comfortable, no-nonsense, ‘Parent Friendly’ baby-wear, [which] was born in a NICU/Neonatal ward, shortly after giving birth to my preemie baby.” Her clothing design for her daughter grew into a clothing brand—Beibamboo. The result revolutionizes preemie clothing through the “smart design” of each uniquely designed baby clothing, which is benefits prematurely born infants, their parents, and hospital registered nurses (RN) that provide the healthcare your baby requires.

Looking at the many struggles and problems with existing preemie clothing, Nina submersed herself in the innovation of a “smart design” for preemies up to three years of age. She took it upon herself to learn how to sew and complete all the research on top quality products to develop the Beibamboo “smart design.” All the fabric and materials are ÖkoTex100 certified, which means Beibamboo clothing is free of toxins, pesticide residues, including heavy metals, while the fasteners (poppers and zippers) are nickel-free. She focused on thinking through every little detail that could reduce her daughter’s stress and the stress all preemies experience while in NICU. The result was nothing short of a miracle, by making the preemie clothing smarter and better for preemies, parents, and NICU RNs.

Nina Ignatius and Baby

Beibamboo “Smart Designs”

The clothing, when fully opened, lays flat, your baby’s can then be rested upon his or her back onto the outfit and then the Beibamboo outfit buttons (snaps or zips) up-around the infant’s arms, torso, and legs. Built-in folding mitts help protect your baby from scratching themselves, which could cause an infection, delaying your baby’s discharge from NICU. Additionally, the folding mitts help keep your baby from fiddling with the cannula, wires, and tubes, which can be pulled out and cause injury and lead to infection.

Unlike many of the existing preemie clothing available on the market today, Beibamboo’s products open entirely. The minimal seamless design engages parents to take an active role in their baby’s care while still in NICU.

You might be asking yourself, how does a fully open design help you take an active role in your baby’s care? Beibamboo clothing is so simple to use that many parents feel more comfortable undressing and clothing their baby for Kangaroo Care, improving the baby-parent bond.
Since there is no tugging or pulling of the clothing while dressing your baby, their stress significantly reduces.

In this adorable video, preemie baby, Noa receives his first Beibamboo outfit. By the time the nurse finishes dressing Noa, he’s ready for a nap. What is incredibly reassuring to parents and hospital RNs is that not one single tube, IV, or wire needs detaching in the process, often performed when a preemie is dressing in “regular” baby clothes. Topping it off, only an RN can remove or attach feeding tubes, IVs, and wires. Finally, Beibamboo outfits are minimalistic designs with no labels and nearly seamless. Most infant and baby clothing available today for preemies can irritate a preemie’s delicate skin, leading to injury and infection, which can delay your baby’s discharge date to go home.

Since preemies grow so fast, Beibamboo also made sure each outfit will grow with your baby, further stretching your dollar—another reason Beibamboo’s “smart design” has changed the face of preemie clothing. The material of the clothing—50% cotton and 50% viscose bamboo is incredibly soft. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover Beibamboo clothing keeps a smooth and supple feel, never fading, wash after wash.

“I had this idea to design comfortable, no nonsense, parent-friendly baby-wear … after giving birth to my preemie daughter.”

—Nina Ignatius

Our wish is that you have found some comfort in knowing you have an advocate for your preemie’s health and wellbeing that will grow with them into their toddler years. We hope you will share Beibamboo smart designs with friends, family, and NICU-staff.

Where Can You Buy Beibamboo Smart Designs?

To learn more about Beibamboo, or how to purchase Beibamboo outfits for your preemie, infant, or toddler; we invite you to visit us at to have a look at our collection of infant-wear, toddler-wear, and NICU-wear.

Hospitals can also order from Beibamboo’s website for NICU preemies and newborns by clicking on “Beibamboo’s Hospital Range for Preemies and Newborns.”