September Marks the United States #NICUAwareness Month

Preemie Ribbon

In honor of the United States #NICUAwareness Month, we at Beibamboo celebrate the immovable devotion of Registered Nurses and all the staff members working in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) globally. If it were not for their presence and commitment preemies might not receive the care offered today in #NICUs around the global.

Linda M. Lutes, M.Ed.
Infant Development Specialist

“How we provide care and what we do or
don’t do can have a lasting effect on
the infant and family.”


While there’s no better environment for an infant’s development than inside their mother’s womb, there are those times and situations in which a baby is simply born too

early. For nearly 15 million babies being born prematurely around the global, the best care they can receive comes from #NICUstaff. And, “how we provide care and what is done or not done” can be a determining factor in everlasting effects on a prematurely born infant and their family (Linda M. Lutes, M.Ed., Infant Development Specialist). If it were not for the staff in NICU and mounting research into Family Integrated Care programs, statements made like the one Linda M. Lutes, M.Ed. expressed during Virginia state’s, annual NICU conference could play a more active role in morbidity and mortality rates for those 15 million babies.


So, throughout the month of September, we at Beibamboo will be celebrating #NICUAwareness Month. We honor and celebrate #NICUstaff around the global for their daily efforts, their undying commitment, and their undeniable fight for the tiniest of lives in #NICU.

Beibamboo humbly thanks our global #NICUHeroes!