Pandemic-Friendly Support for a Pregnant Loved One

COVID-19 has greatly altered how we go about living, but it hasn’t gotten in the way of the miracle of life. If someone you know and love is preparing for a baby, chances are she has extra concerns about how that will happen—and you can’t even throw a shower to show how much you care! Read on for information to help understand health and safety and ideas that convey your support and excitement for the blessed event.


Navigating Birth Options

Learn about birth options during the pandemic and how your loved one can cope with the stress of delivery.


When Baby Arrives

Once their baby is born, your loved one will have to take some precautions during COVID-19.



Gifts That Keep on Giving

Read about some great post-pregnancy gifts your loved one is sure to appreciate.


It’s an unprecedented time in our world and one that can be a strain on those who are expecting. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can be a support to someone you love. Get more familiar with the birth options available and various health considerations, and find meaningful ways to say that you care.


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